So.. Why Re-Brand Yourselves?

# 1.  To keep up with the items and keep pace with changing consumer needs (e.g. services, accessibility, convenience, choice, fashion, technology).

# 2.  Due to fierce competition or a fast changing environment.

# 3.  Because a brand has old-fashioned and is in danger of stagnation or is already in a state of erosion.

# 4.  As a way of handling increased price competitiveness.

# 5.  As a result of mergers and acquisitions (e.g. Health and Racquet’s Club’s change to Virgin Active in 2001).

# 6.  To decrease business development and operational costs.

# 7.  To counter declining profitability or consumer confidence.

# 8.  To signal a change in direction, focus, attitude or strategy.

# 9.  To capitalize on new opportunities or innovative mediums such as the Internet.

#10.  When there are complex product portfolios, considerable advertising and branding clutter, media proliferation and subsequent audience fragmentation.