Why Marketing Often Fails?

6 reasons (or maybe just excuses?) why your marketing doesn't work.

If marketing is meant to be so wonderful then why doesn't it deliver on its promise?

If we understand why our marketing doesn't work then can we piece together a better way of of getting more customers?

Is it time to 'get back to basics'?

Lack of Commitment

If you don't really believe in your product, or if you are not consistent and regular in the ways that you promote it, then the odds are that you will not succeed.

Lack of a Clear Benefit

It never hurts to state the obvious - you must sell something that people want.

Poor Positioning

If you look exactly the same as your competitors and you offer the same benefits at the same price, then why should customers bother to come to you?

Keep It Simple!

We all seem to have an ability to complicate things without realizing that simplicity, clarity and focus will bring us the profits we seek.

Paralysis by Analysis Combined with Dull Thinking

This is normally brought on by attending too many inappropriate marketing courses and reading too many textbooks aimed at Professional Marketing Departments of large companies!