Our Story

ACSAP is a full-service creative establishment, providing its customers with the branding solutions, branding strategies and branding designs needed to set customers apart from their competitors.

ACSAP provides total solution services to the individual needs of each of its customers.

Initially based in South East Asia, we have also expanded our wings to the United States and United Kingdom, in line with our long term vision of becoming one of the world's leaders in the branding industry.

Our strong emphasis on branding identity and management, coupled with our expertise and experience in marketing and brand awareness makes us a relatively rare service provider. ACSAP prides itself for its ability to understand its customers' needs and looking beyond the physical requirements set forth by its customers in achieving the best results and solutions.

ACSAP provides services to customers from a wide range of industries.

Our strength lies in our experiences and the tendency of looking at things on the bigger scale, no matter how small or short-term a project is. Our solutions possess a certain finesse and "look and feel" which work not only for the local market but also for the international market.


ACSAP places special emphasis on teamwork and cooperation. We stress the importance of providing each of our customers with support to meet datelines in a timely and efficient manner. We aim to establish a business partner relationship with each and every one of our customers, consultants, vendors and alliances.


To make our concepts and solutions remarkable, memorable and efficiently effective.