The Five Driving Factors of Marketing

Marketing Strategy

Improving marketing effectiveness can be achieved by employing a superior marketing strategy. By positioning the product or brand correctly, the product/brand will be more successful in the market over competitors’ products/brands.

Marketing Creative

In certain cases, even without a change in strategy, better creative can improve results. Many companies and businesses enhance their marketing creative to sustain their brands or reinstate their products in consumers’ minds from time to time.

Marketing Execution

At the marketing mix level, marketers can improve their execution by making small changes in any or all of the 4-Ps (Product, Price, Place and Promotion) without affecting the strategic position or the creative execution.

Marketing Infrastructure

The management of agencies, budgeting, motivation and coordination of marketing activities can lead to improved competitiveness and improved results.

Exogenous/External Factors

Take advantage of seasonality, interests or regulatory environment to push your product/brand forward and improve marketing effectiveness.