Cult Branding

When we say cult branding, we are talking about brands which have weaved their ways through people's lives and some create such a tremendous obsession and infatuation that the brand itself has become some sort of cult.

We take Hello Kitty as our example.



Hello Kitty and Hollywood Celebrities



What Does This All Mean?

Well, this just brings us all back to the 5 pillars of branding!

Make yourself memorable! You have to mean something to your users, your consumers. Without a successful brand name, you don't have anything. A successful, hence memorable brand name is crucial in ensuring your brand future growth and development and with your brand, your company's resources and profitability will grow too!

Many businesses mistake the fact that a memorable brand name only applies to fun products and products that apply to the younger generation. Boy, they couldn't be more wrong! Even serious businesses such as financial institutions, carmakers and furniture wholesalers need a memorable brand name. Without this, you will never be able to stand out above the rest.

It's all about your brand and you! How do you relay your message to the public? It is all in your hands...!